With a background in finance and an understanding of its terminologies and processes, we work with you to get your message across quickly and economically. Whether this is an interview, a piece-to-camera with autocue, a promotional video, a greenscreen presentation or something in-between, we can help from the ideas stage to advice on the best way to deliver the content.

For a typical interview session, we arrive at your office, set up in 30 minutes and the results are returned the following day, ready for review. For time critical pieces, we provide a same-day service. Once editing begins, logos, idents, lower thirds, charts, graphics and subtitles can be added to enhance each video, at all times following your brand guidelines.

The stills below have been exported from the original footage shot with a professional grade camera, studio lighting and shallow focus to concentrate the viewer on the subject. For compliance and privacy reasons we can’t include the full videos here, but examples can be provided on request – do get in touch.