Nikon has recently released an updated firmware for the D610 and while there’s no mention of any major features being added or improved, I went ahead and installed it. Maybe there are some under-the-hood performance improvements. Installation went fine and a brief check of the camera after the update showed no […]

As freelancers, we often work on trust – we agree a cost, we do the work and we trust that we’ll be paid for that work. Thankfully, in my experience it’s always worked out like that, but last year I worked on one job that was the exception to the […]

As mentioned in the last newsletter (hey, sign up, why don’t you?) I recently added a Sony RX100 III to my ever-growing equipment bag. Now while it’s certainly not a ‘professional’ camera, and not one that I’ll be using for very much of my day-to-day work, it’s worth mentioning here because it really is […]

On a recent trip to Edinburgh to film a couple of interviews, I had to put half my kit in the hold to meet the hand luggage rules. I didn’t have a huge amount to take – camera, lenses, a light and stand, audio kit and a tripod – but […]



Hello, I’ve been thinking about recording what I do and what I think for a while now, and, in a pre-New Year’s resolution I set myself a few minutes ago, I’ve decided to stop bumbling and get on with it. So on this page will be posts about jobs I’m working on, thoughts […]